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Where to get homeopathic remedies in Israel

For homeopaths, one of the most important things is to choose which pharmacies to work with. This is crucial as so much trust is involved in the preparation of homoeopathic medicines. (See my article on preparation of remedies here).

Outside Jerusalem:

Superpharm Professional: 077-8885707/8
I work mainly with this pharmacy when ordering for patients outside Jerusalem. Located at the Yarkonim junction not far from Petach Tikva, Superpharm’s Professional laboratory will prepare and deliver remedies to the Superpharm of your choice. Remedies can also be picked up from Yarkonim. Orders can be placed by phone.

Neot Shoshanim: 03-5596432 / 03-5596662
Located in Holon just outside Tel Aviv, Neot Shoshanim also delivers remedies to most parts of the country. Remedies can also be picked up from the pharmacy.

In Jerusalem:

many pharmMany Pharmacy: 02-5383048
Nowadays I work mainly with Many Pharmacy at 102 Jaffa Street, opposite the Mahane Yehuda market.  This pharmacy was established in the 30s – for those interested in old photographs, click here. There’s parking near the Mahane Yehuda market, and they also deliver remedies on request.

Hapisga Pharmacy: 02-6420750
I have often worked with Hapisga pharmacy in the past. They are located at the end of Rechov Hapisga in Bayit Vegan, and in addition to being reliable, have the added plus of easy parking on the street.

New Pharm Medical: 02-6259999
For Jerusalem “old-timers”, this pharmacy used to be called “Ora”.  I have worked with this pharmacy in the past. They are conveniently located in the center of town, on the corner of Rechov King George and Rechov Hillel.

There are many good pharmacies in Jerusalem and around the country which work with homoeopathic preparations. I have simply presented the ones I know best here.


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