Jerusalem Homeopathy Clinic

Vera Resnick-Weisz, DHom Med (Lic), IHM. Classical Homoeopathy. Local and online homoeopathic treatment available

Before you begin

checklist jpegBefore you commit to starting treatment, please read the following and make sure this treatment, and treatment with me, is what you want.

These points are crucial to benefitting from homoeopathic treatment – continuation of treatment is dependent on following these instructions as given.

  • Appointments:  Intake and two follow-up appointments are essential to the process.  Appointments will be scheduled but may be cancelled at no charge up to 24 hours in advance.  You may need appointments every two or three weeks, or in more longstanding chronic conditions, every 4 weeks or so.  As treatment progresses, fewer appointments are needed.
  • Stay in touch as instructed to report progress.
  • Stop taking all special supplements, herbal remedies, “homoeopathic” remedies, cure-all complexes, creams and ointments etc. during treatment.
  • Speak to your prescribing practitioner about the possibility stopping any chronic medications.
  • Don’t start any new alternative or conventional course of medicine or treatment or vaccination during homoeopathic treatment without checking with me whether it will conflict with homoeopathy.
  • Do not continue to take remedies automatically, without reporting progress and receiving dosing instructions.

Where possible, you will receive your remedy at the end of the first appointment.  However, sometimes you will be asked to pick up the remedy one or two days later.

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