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Home Use of Remedies – Courses

To learn basic use of homoeopathic remedies at home in a three-session course, contact me on or via the contact page for information on upcoming courses.

Your child has high fever, is bright red in the face, her eyes are glassy.  As you reach for the Acamol – do you wonder if you could do things differently?

It’s 2 a.m.  Your child has an ear infection.  Again.  And he’s teething.  He’s screaming in pain and anger, insists that you pick him up and hold him but he carries on screaming anyway.  You feel his pain but you think perhaps you should get earplugs.  As you reach for the antibiotics, the gel for his gums, and think about the row you’ll have with your boss tomorrow morning when you show up late and red-eyed – do you wonder if you could do things differently?

It’s the afternoon and you were on your way home.  You fell.  You were holding your baby at the time – he’s fine but you’re not.  Your knee is swelling up, black and blue and you’re in shock – partly from the fall and partly from the fear that your child could have been hurt.  You clean it up, bandage it a bit, make an appointment with the doctor and wonder how you’re going to take the kids to school the next day.  As you reach for the painkillers and something to calm your nerves – do you wonder if you could do things differently?

Homoeopathy can make a difference.


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