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Are you ready for homoeopathy?

Are you ready?

Are you ready for homeopathic treatment?
Food for thought before making an appointment

Seriously, are you up for it? Or more precisely, do you know what you will have to give up for it?

You may be asked to give up coffee, or mint toothpaste, or strong perfumes. We often do work alongside whatever you’re doing, just ask you to refrain immediately before or after taking a remedy.

It gets a bit more complicated when we’re talking about the cream you always use on bumps and bruises, for example. But it’s got Arnica in it! you say. First of all, if you need Arnica we’ll give it to you orally and you’ll see what Arnica can really do (see here for my rant on this). But secondly, if you’re taking a remedy we’ve prescribed, the cream may well interfere with its action.

And what about when we ask you to give up the essential oils you use to help you meditate/fall asleep/wake up? Are you ready to do that? These oils can counteract remedy action, and usually can’t be used alongside homoeopathic treatment.

What if you have decided to attack the problem from several angles, and have just started treatment with acupuncture, bach flower remedies, healing, supplements and medical marihuana, and would like to add homoeopathy into the mix? The more the merrier, right?

Not where homoeopathy is concerned. Homoeopathy has specific friends – such as chiropractic, osteopathy, massage (without essential oils), life coaching and more. But in the broader alternative/complementary world, it’s pretty much of a loner. In fact, each remedy has its unique pathways in the human organism, and in real, classical homoeopathy as taught by the doctors who used it to cure typhoid and cholera, remedies aren’t even combined with each other, let alone oils, tinctures, flower remedies and the like. (see here for my article on cacophony)

Where you have been using a modality for a long time, such as acupuncture, we will not always insist that you stop. For the meantime, we may include it as part of your lifestyle, although if a solid remedy doesn’t seem to get enough traction we may ask you to stop for a while.

But when starting out with homoeopathy we need to know what changes the remedies are making, and when you start with other methods at the same time, we have no way of knowing what’s what. From a purely logical point of view – this is a waste of time and money.

So are you ready to go first for the remedy before the headache pills? Are you ready to reach for homoeopathic arnica and leave the cream in the cupboard? Are you ready to start homoeopathic treatment without confusing its action by starting several other modalities at the same time? This is a decision only you can make…

Homoeopathy is here for you – but are you up for it?

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