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So what’s it all about, Vera?

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An exclusive interview – a collage of every question I’ve been asked about homoeopathy and then some…

So Vera, what’s homeopathy all about?

Got a few years?

No, I’ll take the short version, thank you…

Homoeopathy is all about saying – hey, your body actually works. You have an immune system which is amazing. It just needs to be woken up to do the job it was meant for – fixing your body.

Can you get to the point?

Homoeopathy wakes up your immune system to fix the problems you’re experiencing. If your immune system hasn’t been destroyed by drugs, drink ‘n rock ‘n roll… that is…

Rock ‘n roll?

Sorry, just trying to be cool. But seriously, all the medications, operations, procedures can deplete the immune system, making it difficult to get it to react. Usually though it still has some juice in it…

Are homoeopathic remedies natural?

Yes, I use naturally sourced remedies only.

Should I expect any side effects?

No. What can happen though is that your immune system may over-react slightly to the stimulus, which is a good sign for homoeopaths as a rule, but may leave you feeling worse for a day or two (and furious at your homoeopath who chortles “how wonderful!” when you call to protest…)

What does the “classical” in homeopathy mean?  Do you take cases with Bach and Mozart playing in the background?

Very funny… in brief, homoeopathy as developed by Hahnemann was based on one guiding law of nature – the law of similars, and several prescribing principles fundamental to the practice of homoeopathy as Hahnemann understood it and taught his students.  These include the single remedy and the minimum dose.  Today there are schools of homoeopathy which give several remedies in combination, something termed “polypharmacy”.  The classical homoeopath will give only one remedy at a time, in the minimum dose needed for reaction.

How often should I take a homoeopathic remedy?

Excellent question! The question is so good – I’ll even shout out my answer. TAKE THE REMEDY TILL REACTION – ANY REACTION! You heard that loud and clear, didn’t you? Any more dosing after that point means you’ll have too much of the remedy in your system – and that won’t be enjoyable, believe me. The purpose of the remedy is to provoke the immune system into action – not to turn it into a smoothie.

So what happens then, when there’s reaction?

You STOP TAKING THE REMEDY AND WAIT. You may experience some increase of the symptom you came with or something new and different – or you may even find yourself irritable or sad with no clear reason. Any of that counts as an immune system response. When the response ceases, you’ll take another dose of the remedy to nudge the immune system a little further…and then a little further still…

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