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Preparation of homoeopathic remedies

I have frequently been asked if homoeopathic remedies are poisonous.  Considering our remedies include Nux Vomica (laden with strychnine…), Rhus Tox (a.k.a. poison ivy), Belladonna (er… deadly nightshade) and Arsenicum (full of – how do I put this nicely – Arsenic), the questions are totally appropriate.

I’ve embedded a clip put out by Helios pharmacy, a very reputable homoeopathic pharmacy in the UK, demonstrating the process of preparing homoeopathic remedies very nicely.  It also advertises Helios very nicely, but this process is used in reliable homoeopathic pharmacies worldwide.  As you can see clearly from the clip, the trace and below-trace level of quantities of the original substance ensure that they are not toxic in any way.



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