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Do’s and Don’ts

The information on this page is important for anyone in treatment with homoeopathy, whether you are my patient or not – so read on and take heed!  I will add more to these lists as the inspiration strikes me, so come back to this page from time to time to see what’s new.


*  However tempting, don’t self-medicate, for you or your family.  There is a reason that homoeopathic training lasts for four years for basic qualification, and most homoeopaths continue on to post-graduate studies, constantly honing their skills.   Don’t be fooled by high dilutions and easy availability of homoeopathic remedies, especially in Israel.  The remedies are medicines and should only be taken after consulting with a professional.

* Don’t continue taking a remedy repeatedly over time  if you are sure it is not helping.  Consult with your homoeopath.

Don’t continue taking a remedy if you are experiencing a return of old symptoms.  This is often a very positive time – consult with your homoeopath.

Don’t continue taking a remedy if you are experiencing new symptoms.  This can also be a good sign – again, consult with your homoeopath.

*  Once you have been prescribed a remedy, don’t start in-depth investigation of the remedy on the internet.  First, you need to decide if you trust your homoeopath.  Second, you need to be aware that a lot of the information available regarding remedies is confusing to say the least.  If you want to assess the information correctly – sorry, but you’ll have to sign up for a four-year qualifying course in homoeopathy!  (many homoeopaths go into the field as a result of experiencing positive effects of treatment – so if you go this route you will be treading a well-worn path!)

Don’t worry too much about antidoting a remedy with coffee, mint toothpaste and the like.  You should preferably allow half an hour before or after food, but remedies have been mixed in with food with no ill effects.  Make sure you tell your homoeopath, however, as if a certain remedy is not working, it will be possible for the homoeopath to tell if it is being antidoted.

*  This is an important one – don’t take homoeopathic medicines prescribed by a conventional doctor who has not been trained as a homoeopath.  This is true even if the doctor is recommending commonly sold remedy combinations available at any pharmacy for specific complaints.  I have seen complications arise from such prescribing that are bewildering and unpleasant, and potentially harmful for the patient.


Do keep your homoeopath informed.  We need to know your process, so be in touch as requested, via e-mail/phone/megaphone…

Do come in for follow-up as requested.  Too often patients think they can come for an initial treatment and then continue on their own (see “don’t self-medicate” above).  The results of this kind of practice may even be harmful, and bring the whole discipline into undeservedly bad repute.  Follow-ups may be at brief intervals, even one or two weeks to start with, and as the case progresses the intervals between follow-ups will increase.

Do consult with your homoeopath before taking any conventional medication, or undergoing any medical procedure – even those which appear to be non-invasive.  (See my blog post on the fabled Dr. Mendelson’s comments regarding ultrasound in pregnancy).  This is especially true if you have undergone or are about to undergo dental treatment.

Do ‘fess up!  Don’t be shy!  If you are taking recreational drugs your homoeopath really needs to know.

Do consult with your homoeopath if you’re thinking of combining homoeopathy with any other form of alternative or complementary medicine.  This may not be compatible with homoeopathic treatment, and you may have to make a choice.

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