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Know Thyself…

Know thyself… When you go to a homoeopath – be prepared. Your homoeopath will know more about you after the session than your doctor, your spouse, your mother, your siblings, … Continue reading

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On Truth, Spin, Exercise and Diet

I could also have titled this post “On homeopathy, marketing, treadmills and chocolate.” Read on. You will get my drift. Modern culture is all about marketing and sales. How you … Continue reading

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Two things you should know before having a flu shot

I was thinking of making this a longer, deeply fascinating article, as is my wont, but my thoughts here really boil down to two central themes, so bear with me, … Continue reading

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It’s a process…

It’s a process… That must be one of the expressions I hate the most. It’s the expression that says: You know that thing you want? Well you can’t have it … Continue reading

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On ear infections, travel sickness, metal filings and magnets

Do you remember the feeling of amazement you felt the first time you saw one magnet attracting or repelling another? Watching two pieces of metal move towards each other with … Continue reading

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Where to get homeopathic remedies in Israel

For homeopaths, one of the most important things is to choose which pharmacies to work with. This is crucial as so much trust is involved in the preparation of homoeopathic … Continue reading

August 25, 2015 · 2 Comments

Homoeopathy’s own Pretty Woman – Belladonna

This post may seem like deja vu for some of you – and yes, if you’re amongst the lucky ones who receive my newsletter every two months, you may have … Continue reading

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Preparation of homoeopathic remedies

I have frequently been asked if homoeopathic remedies are poisonous.  Considering our remedies include Nux Vomica (laden with strychnine…), Rhus Tox (a.k.a. poison ivy), Belladonna (er… deadly nightshade) and Arsenicum … Continue reading

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One size doesn’t fit all…

One size doesn’t fit all… There have been many studies of measles. Of mumps. Of pneumonia. Of different forms of cancers. Of Alzheimers. However, when people are sick, there are … Continue reading

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Of medicine, elephants and cherry trees

— Why do elephants paint their toenails red? — So they can hide in cherry trees. — Really? Sounds crazy to me… — Ever seen an elephant in a cherry … Continue reading

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