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Arnica – the real thing only, please..

This article is about the joys of homoeopathic Arnica. No, not that namby-pamby Arnica cream.  We’re talking about the real stuff here.  Arnica the remedy.  Arnica neat, on the rocks.  … Continue reading

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When less is more

WHEN LESS IS MORE The most common form that you’ll find homoeopathic remedies is in small white pills. But there’s a lot more to homoeopathy than that… It’s pretty easy … Continue reading

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Homeopathy works for some, doesn’t for others – why is that?

Why is it that some people swear by homoeopathy – while others swear about homoeopathy, remedies, the idea of cure by similars and basically everything homoeopathy-related, and just the mere … Continue reading

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IHM training in Jerusalem – December 26-29 – not just for practitioners

 Info about a planned training in Jerusalem in December.  Relevant for all those seriously interested in learning about homoeopathy – not just practitioners. U.S.A. U.K. Hong Kong. Spain. Israel. Registered … Continue reading

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Homoeopathy says no to drugs

Homoeopathy says no to drugs Not exactly, but you’ll admit it’s a catchy title. I’m often asked whether homoeopathy can be used alongside conventional drugs. The answer is no… and … Continue reading

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The Mystery of the Habitual Drug Taker

I have often been mystified as to why anyone would continue taking a drug with heavy-duty side effects when it isn’t helping. Or when research is showing that it will … Continue reading

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Homeopathy – up close and personal

“Do I have to change my toothpaste? Stop with coffee? Not have anything with mint? Stop chocolate? Stop wheat flour, sugar, cigarettes?” Anyone who is familiar with homoeopathy usually asks … Continue reading

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To Do or be Done To – That is the Question

To Do or to be Done To – That is the Question: I was recently reading an article by Peter Drucker on self-management. He said, amongst many other useful things, … Continue reading

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Meet Dr. Google, my homoeopath…

Many years ago, when I was a student, I took a cousin to a homoeopath.  He just didn’t seem to be improving, so I  asked my teacher about the case. … Continue reading

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Lying is bad for your health…even the white lies…

(CBS News) Would you be more likely to tell the truth if you knew your health was at stake? By Ryan Jaslow A new study suggests that liars may be … Continue reading

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