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Arnica – the real thing only, please..

Not just a pretty face…

This article is about the joys of homoeopathic Arnica. No, not that namby-pamby Arnica cream.  We’re talking about the real stuff here.  Arnica the remedy.  Arnica neat, on the rocks.  So to speak.

Whenever I recommend using Arnica people say – oh yes, the cream, we use it the whole time, it’s ever so helpful.  That would be nice, only while they’re insisting on Arnica’s helpfulness – the bruising continues, the break hasn’t healed, the twisted ankle still hurts the same even weeks after the fall, the kid was in shock from the accident and needed meds to calm down.

Ever so helpful.  Makes me feel I have to resort to an old fashioned rather British epithet: Pshaw, I say.  Bah humbug.

“Ever so helpful”, to me, means something else.  I have demands.  I have expectations.  For the most part Arnica, the real stuff, can handle it.

I expect that when I give Arnica to my kid after she falls off the furniture (many years ago, now all growed up) that it will ease the shock AND reduce the bruising.  I expect that when I give Arnica to someone immediately after a fall in the road, that it will stop the bleeding, speed healing and reduce swelling and pain.  I expect that when I prescribe Arnica immediately after dental intervention, including root canals and extractions, that it will stop bleeding, reduce swelling, significantly reduce pain and discomfort and speed healing.  I expect that when I prescribe Arnica as a first remedy after accidents involving broken bones, that it will help speed healing and ease pain and discomfort.  I always expect a reduction in emotional shock.

And I have to say, nearly 20 years since I was introduced to the real thing, – I have rarely if ever, been disappointed.  Not by Arnica, at least.

But all this is way out of Arnica cream’s league.  The cream cannot do what the pills can do – even though the cream probably smells nicer …

Using Arnica in potency, is a whole different ball/globule game.  Arnica 30C in globules is a fairly good standard to start with for home use.  All that’s needed is to dissolve a globule in water, stir well or succuss in a bottle (see previous article), and take a dose every now and then.  It’s best to get more precise dosing advice from your homoeopath (and if you don’t have one – get one!)

So when I showed up at my dentist last week for a tooth extraction, prepared bottle of Arnica at the ready, he wasn’t too surprised.  He’s come to know what to expect.  I took one dose before the procedure, a dose every 10 minutes for an hour after the procedure, and following that, a dose every hour and then every few hours.*  Arnica did its job excellently for those hours immediately after the trauma, reducing pain and swelling to a minimum and helping to stop the bleeding, and the whole thing was completed with one more remedy given later on.

Arnica is a central player in the first hours after a trauma.  Sometimes it remains relevant for several days, sometimes other remedies come into play.

But please, don’t try Arnica cream after extractions.  Absolutely not.  It probably won’t taste good either…


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