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When less is more


The most common form that you’ll find homoeopathic remedies is in small white pills. But there’s a lot more to homoeopathy than that…

It’s pretty easy to buy homoeopathic remedies in Israel these days. Most places have a homoeopathic pharmacy – if not several, and when you can’t find one, you can order by mail from pharmacies such as Neot Shoshanim which delivers to anywhere with a post office, or through the Superpharm Professional homoeopathy dispensary, which delivers remedies for pick up from Superpharm branches all over the country.

So why is this post about “less is more”? Here’s something interesting about dosing. The beauty of homoeopathy is that it’s never about the size of the dose. It’s never about one pill, or two, or three at a time. It’s about the intensity of the dose (usually known as potency), the number of repetitions, the choice of remedy, and just how relevant the remedy is for the condition.

Some people wax lyrical about a certain over-the-counter homoeopathic remedy for flu – not something I can recommend, but if you’re going to use it (or any homoeopathic remedy in dry form) there’s something you should know. This particular package contains three small vials packed with tiny grains, each grain the size of a poppy seed. The patient is instructed to take a whole vial at a time.

If you’re going to take it, there’s something you should understand: You never need to chug-a-lug a whole vial.

Following the practice of the founder of homoeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, as described in his writings almost 200 years ago, instead of knocking back the entire vial of 250 tiny grains, or even half a vial, you can remove one grain carefully and dissolve it in a cup of water. Stir well before each dose. You can keep the cup around, covered, for around 12 hours. In the fridge for a couple of days. And if you really want to save here – use a small personal water bottle, preferably glass, instead of a cup to prepare your remedy. Add a teaspoon of alcohol, and you can keep that for two or three weeks. If you’re sensitive, you can even dilute further from this bottle into another cup of water for your dosing. You just need to remember that if you’ve prepared a bottle, succuss several times before each dose (succuss: bang the bottle in a sharp downward motion against your hand or against a book, to cause friction between the liquid and the sides of the glass). If you’ve prepared a cup, stir well before every dose.

Each vial contains around 250 tiny pills. That’s at least 250 doses, if not many more. No wonder big pharma doesn’t like homoeopathy…

I remember the first time I prepared a dose in this way. I was convinced that there was no way this could work. Especially when you prepare the dilutions yourself – you see the minuteness of the dose and it seems incredible. And that’s when you don’t even see the number of dilutions and successions that came before receiving the remedy in its current form.

But I couldn’t resist trying it out for myself. I came to homoeopathy with a background of many years of skepticism, so what’s another counter-intuitive move? I could see that what I’d done so far had worked.

When I saw one dose prepared in this way hold for three months without repetition in a chronic case of constipation and hair loss – I was hooked.

So however you receive a remedy, whether in grains or in liquid, be aware that what you have can always be diluted further.

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