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Homeopathy works for some, doesn’t for others – why is that?

illness-or-health-directions-on-a-signpostWhy is it that some people swear by homoeopathy – while others swear about homoeopathy, remedies, the idea of cure by similars and basically everything homoeopathy-related, and just the mere mention of homoeopathy is either an invitation for insult or causes a distinct chill in the atmosphere?

Apart from those who slam the therapy with the fervour of a religious zealot – without knowing anything real about it (it’s the little pills? nope…), there are many many possible reasons.  I’ve even suggested a few in this blog and on my site for professionals (which you’re welcome to visit even if you’re not professionally involved in homoeopathy, there’s no entrance exam and lots of reading material…).

All practitioners do a fair amount of soul-searching and sleuthing when a case doesn’t move ahead.  Was it the remedy? the repetition? is the patient antidoting with something – strong perfumes, Chinese herbs, essential oils? is the case incurable?

Here I wanted to look at something else.  Are the patients themselves doing something which helps them to benefit from treatment? I trawled through my cases in search of a pattern and found the following.

  1. Taking the remedies helps… I kid you not, some people don’t pick up or take their prescriptions.  Some aren’t really committed to working with the method.  Some feel they shouldn’t have to take more than one remedy, ever ….  And some people say they feel so much better after talking to me that they weren’t sure if they needed the remedy.  While I’m flattered and hope I’m nice to talk to – that isn’t really the point here….  The clincher is, those who take the remedies are more likely to get better with homoeopathy than those who don’t…
  2. Regular follow-ups: these aren’t just to come and enjoy pleasant conversations with me about hemorrhoids and suchlike (see point 1).  Follow-ups give me the information for the next remedy and the next, as working with illness involves finding the pathway to health, a path which often takes many twists and turns.  Patients who come for regular follow-ups are much more likely to improve than those who try to sidestep appointments through phone calls and emails, or those who feel there should be no need for more than one or two appointments (see point 3).  In chronic conditions, expect at least three appointments, and the longer the situation as been going on, the longer treatment may take…
  3. Expectations:  I really like the idea of being a magician.  I’d sit my patients down, wave a magic wand and abracadabra – problems they have had for 20 years will disappear instantaneously.  Perhaps I’ll relocate to Lourdes.  Or set up a clinic next to the grave of that holy lady in Jerusalem that some swear by… HELLOOOOO! It doesn’t work like that either.  Homoeopathy isn’t magic or miracle, it’s just a different way of working with pathology, a different way of understanding pathways to health which are hardwired into the system.   In acute situations where the fevers are high, the sneezes are coming hard and fast, the panic attack threatens, the diarrhea just won’t stop even if there’s nothing left to eliminate and the patient feel his inner organs will soon be flushed down the toilet – then homoeopathy can feel like magic as the entire situation is moving so fast.  In chronic situations, just as a condition has developed over a period of years, it may take some time to resolve.  And in some cases, “some time” can stretch to years.
  4. Keep a stock of remedies at home:  This one is so important I’m going to write a separate blog post on it.  Homoeopathic remedies are very cheap (now you know why Big Pharma re-e-a-l-l-y doesn’t like us) and in dry form they last forever more or less – give or take an apocalypse or two…  It can be a waste of valuable time – and suffering – when a remedy signpost has popped up (see below) and it takes a day or two to get hold of a remedy. Follow the blog for my recommendations for a home kit.

So patients who take their remedies, have the right expectations, don’t expect immediate resolution in long-standing chronic cases, keep a stock of remedies at home and come for regular follow-ups get better results.

But there’s something else that differentiates patients who get better results in many cases.  It’s more of a mindset, an attitude toward the practice and the homoeopathic physician.

When you start homoeopathic treatment, you are literally entering a different world.  Conventional medicines usually are in dialog directly with systems and organs, and patients are asked to take a certain amount of medications on a regular basis.  Homoeopathy is speaking directly to the control, which we can call the immune system for clarity’s sake although it goes beyond that.  Hahnemann termed it the life force or the vital force, the Chinese call it the “chi”.  And here’s the thing, when you’re talking to the control the language is different.  Once the message gets across, it doesn’t need constant repetition.  Once the body is in repair mode it knows what to do, unless it’s been compromised by previous treatments or injuries.

Within the world of homoeopathy every symptom is the body’s cry for help, and offers a signpost for the path towards health, indicating the next remedies along the route.  Especially once treatment has begun, if new symptoms show up, or old symptoms reappear and make themselves at home, it’s an opportunity.  The body is calling for the next remedy it needs to continue along the path to health.  It’s almost like picking up a card in a board game which says  “move along five spaces to the right” – but without the element of chance involved.

People who accept that the world of homoeopathy is different know that once they begin, every symptom is relevant, every new state will help in the path toward cure.  They are more aware and involved in treatment – and the results are significantly better because of this.

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