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Homeopathy – up close and personal

crowded cafe“Do I have to change my toothpaste? Stop with coffee? Not have anything with mint? Stop chocolate? Stop wheat flour, sugar, cigarettes?” Anyone who is familiar with homoeopathy usually asks these questions during the consultation.

Here’s the problem: homoeopathy is a method which speaks directly, quietly and clearly to the immune system, to the body’s own personal janitor/engineer/resuscitation unit. It’s up close and personal, an intimate conversation, as the remedies remind the system what it knows how to do, and cajole it to do better. And as in any intimate conversation, three’s a crowd.

Homoeopathic remedies deliver a personalized message to the system, in a very small, finely tuned package. If that same system is being bombarded at the same time with other messages, from herbs (yes, this includes marijuana…), therapies, caffeine, so-called homoeopathic concoctions, aromatherapy oils, it makes it much more difficult for the message to come across.

Just imagine trying to have a private conversation in a crowded, very noisy cafe. But you don’t want to yell and can’t hear yourself think. So you go somewhere quieter, and sit at a table for two. Then someone else pulls up a chair and starts a different conversation – with the person you’re talking to. And then another person joins in, and another…

Let’s take the metaphor further. Homoeopathy is sitting giving over its message quietly, step by step:

Homeopathy: You know all that mucus in your throat? It’s connected to the congestion in —
Herbs: (loudly) Hey, you have a stomach ache! I really do stomach aches, really…
Hom: –when you get congestion, you know how to clear it up, just remember how after onions—
Hom: — and that congestion is part of a bodywide production of mucus which affects your digestion
Hom: — start remembering all the connections, including the mood you’re having…
Weed: Did someone mention M-O-O-D? Well C-H-I-L-L, I’m here, that’s my thing, I’ll show you mood…
Acupuncture: Needles anyone? You know they’re good for you…
Coffee: I can help if you’re feeling low and tired, pep you up, drink up, dark and rich, you know you want me…
Traumeel: Just slather me on… I’m also homoeopathy, lots of homoeopathy, look at all my ingredients… so many wonderful remedies, doesn’t matter if they clash with each other, just take what you need…
Eucalyptus oil: Congestion? Someone mentioned congestion? Just a little drop under your nose, and we’ll blast that congestion away for good…

Homoeopathy works with a symptom picture, usually a collection of changes in health which came on at the same time. In the above example, the intimate dialogue homoeopathy is developing with the immune system concerns congestion, mucus in the throat, stomach aches and a dip into depression. The remedy given in homoeopathy relates to the whole changed symptom picture. But to do its best work, it needs to sit quietly with the immune system, reminding it of all it knows how to do and strengthening its ability to do its job.

Even though I don’t rule out other therapies (except the ones I do rule out), you can see from the example that the more is certainly not the merrier.

When you sit one on one with another human being, conversation can go deep, people can have an impact on each other. If you need someone’s help, or they need yours, you want to talk to them alone, not as part of a cacophany. And if the other person says, let’s have a private conversation, just you and me…and the gang…. you know the conversation will go nowhere.

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  1. Dena Gottlieb
    June 23, 2016


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