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It’s a process…

Sometimes you just gotta process it...

Sometimes you just gotta process it…

It’s a process…

That must be one of the expressions I hate the most. It’s the expression that says: You know that thing you want? Well you can’t have it now. And you can’t have it tomorrow either. It’s a pro-o-c-e-s-s-s-s….


In treatment of any kind, the “P” word frequently comes up. Occasionally, and I hope infrequently, it can even be a cop out, meaning something along the lines of “I’ve no idea what to do with you…”

Most of the time, “it’s a process” means exactly that. It means we need to put our desires for instant gratification aside, stop expecting instant results and begin to be more active in what’s going on.

The vast majority of issues, whether psychological or physiological, don’t actually appear overnight – even if they seem that way. They are themselves the result of a process. This is equally true of the humble canker sore and the apparently sudden desire to stay in bed and never go to work again…

If you’re honest with yourself, you know that if you’ve had a problem for several years, it is in itself part of a process, and may need a process to resolve.

Often for homoeopathy patients, apart from processes connected to the state of illness itself, the process part involves becoming more self-aware, better able to give the homoeopath the information needed for accurate prescribing.

Homoeopathy relies on information received from the patient – even if part of that information is based on observation. We are trained to sift through the information the patient gives us. Contrary to popular belief we are not looking for one weird symptom which will solve our case. We are looking for the certain, for the absolute expression of the disease state in our patient. But the problem is that many patients don’t initially have sufficient awareness of their own physical condition, and it is difficult for them to give us the information we need (until their first visit to a homoeopath, at least).

Patient: I’ve come about my headaches.
Homoeopath: When do you get them – what time of day?
Patient: Er, I dunno…

Homoeopath: morning? Evening?
Patient: I, er, ….

Homoeopath: When did you last get a headache?
Patient: That’s easy. I was playing cards with my friends.

Homoeopath: When was that? What time?
Patient: Last Tuesday, around 8 in the evening. I always get headaches when I’m playing cards.

Homoeopath: You only play in the evening?
Patient: Yes, come to think of it I never notice them in the morning.

Homoeopath: Did you get a headache yesterday evening?
Patient: No–o-o, don’t think so…

Homoeopath: So mainly when you’re playing cards?
Patient: Yes…

Homoeopath: And when you’re playing do you smoke? Drink?
Patient: I don’t smoke, but all the others do. And I drink some beer.

Homoeopath: And have you always had headaches when you play?
Patient: No, no… I think it’s only been since my car accident…

Now we’re getting somewhere. And the more aware he becomes, the more certain information he’ll be able to give so we can reach a precise prescription.

I had a patient recently who developed a small, extremely painful white spot on her tongue. Within two hours, she was having difficulty talking. I gave her a remedy – another two hours and 2-3 doses later, the problem had improved by 70%. By morning it was 90% better, and a further dose finished the story. That’s actually also a process – but it’s a very short one.

By contrast, I have a patient who has had chronic constipation since childhood. Apart from the insidious toxicity of constipation, many processes in the body are affected by this chronic condition. A constipated system works differently, and simple constipation often leads to other conditions. I knew with this patient that until the constipation shifted, nothing else would. But shifting 40 years of chronic constipation doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process, and can take months or even years to resolve fully.

So next time you hear the words “it’s a process” – perhaps consider taking a deep breath and buckling in for a ride that may take a while…


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