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Never order hungarian-style gefilte fish in an Italian restaurant…not if you want the real thing

gefilte fishI was teaching a course for pensioners in a community centre, and one of the students came up to me.

“I’m having terrible headaches,” she said. “I’ve been taking something homoeopathic that my doctor told me to buy, and it seems to be causing the headaches. Is that possible?”

I instantaneously and simultaneously experienced several most unpleasant allergic reactions to this mild questioner, specifically in reaction to:

Something homoeopathic.” The expression makes me cringe, especially when I remember how I used to use it before studying homoeopathy. “Something homoeopathic” in popular parlance covers everything that isn’t a conventional drug, from foot powder to essential oil of lavender.  Everything that is “natural” (although for some reason it’s not used in reference to marijuana…)  Rarely does it relate to something that is actually part of a homoeopath’s pharmacopeia, although occasionally Arnica gets a look in, if only as an ointment and not as the actual homoeopathic medicine. Which does the job much more effectively than the ointment, by the way.

“My doctor told me to buy it“: Your doctor? And where did he or she learn homoeopathy? Usually nowhere, they just heard of something and prescribed it. And if they did learn – oh they did it as part of Introduction to Alternative Medicine 101, together with reflexology, reiki, EFT, aromatherapy, chinese medicine, etc. etc. And that makes them able to prescribe? Homoeopathy is a system of medicine which is so different from conventional medicine in how remedies are prescribed, that those doctors who do train in both find it very difficult to practice conventional medicine alongside homoeopathy. Many give up altogether and become full time homoeopaths.

“It seems to be causing the headaches”. And now we come to the crux of the matter.

I checked the “remedy” she was taking. It was a commercially marketed combination of several remedies frequently touted for treatment of menopausal symptoms.

Classical homoeopaths give one, carefully chosen remedy at a time. This is for several reasons, one of which is when several remedies are acting in cacophony, it is usually impossible to know what each is doing… This particular combination contained several remedies which could cause impressive headaches in healthy people. Which one was having the bad effect? Who knew?

“It’s not even helping me with the hot flushes,” added this nice, troubled lady. I exploded very quietly and politely. She didn’t notice a thing. I told her gently that she should STOP TAKING THE STUFF AND NEVER CONTINUE TAKING HOMOEOPATHIC REMEDIES IF THEY AREN’T HELPING…

Homoeopathy works differently from conventional medicine.   I hope I’ve made that point clear. If one painkiller isn’t enough, most people take two, three, or half a bottle (muttering what the heck)…

In homoeopathy if one or two doses doesn’t start a clear process of improvement, the only reason to continue taking is if a trained homoeopath is working with your case and told you to do so.  And even then you should let your homoeopath know…

So please, don’t get your homoeopathic prescriptions from a non-homoeopathically trained MD, don’t ask your homoeopath to prescribe antibiotics and antihistamines, and, most importantly, NEVER order hungarian-style gefilte fish in an Italian restaurant….not if you want the real thing…


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