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Homoeopathy, a broken foot, and a human sedan chair…

Seriously? Homoeopathy for emergencies?

It’s funny and much of it is so true. If someone needs stitching up, bones set, wounds cleaned and more – that’s not the time to stand next to the bed and yell “Arnica Montana…stat…”.

BUT…once the bone-setting, stitching etc. part is done, that’s where homoeopathy comes into its own.

Let me tell you a story…

A family member fell and clearly broke a bone in her foot on Friday afternoon, of course, just as everything was closing down for the weekend. I say clearly because there was a bone sticking out where there should have been no bone sticking out…although it had not punctured the skin…

Several medical friends said she could wait till Saturday night to go for treatment for this kind of break, although she should rest the foot, so we had a day to play with. We started with Arnica, first aid in more or less any situation, and then adjusted remedies over the next 24 hours as the symptoms changed. Symptoms moved through swelling, redness, different kinds of pain, and more. During Saturday, the pain, discomfort and swelling lessened significantly, although it was still painful to tread on the foot. In addition, the bone no longer seemed to be sticking out.

By Saturday night, the foot was no longer swollen. The area where the bone had been sticking out was fairly smooth, and apart from slight bruising, the foot looked normal.

The doctors at the emergency medical centre seemed to think so too.

She reported that they moved the foot a little from side to side and pronounced “probably just a bruise, but have an x-ray done anyway”.

They finally came by with the results of the x-ray, and were apparently quite shocked. “Your metarsal is shattered!” they said, incredulously. Several hours later, plus cast but without crutches (the hospital had none…) she was delivered back to her home by the very helpful sister who had kept her company.

The whole episode had seemed surreal enough already, when she told me that since she did not have crutches she wasn’t quite sure how she was going to negotiate the entryway to the house. As she and her husband struggled forward making little progress, two young men who had been delivering newspapers (it was early in the morning) came forward, offered help and she found herself seated on their linked arms, hoisted up and sailing regally above the flowerbeds, before being set down gently at the door to her apartment.

After two weeks, the specialist said the bones were clearly healing well, considered removing the cast but decided to play it safe, as usually casts are left on for longer. The cast was removed after four weeks, and soon after the patient was walking easily without pain or discomfort.

So homoeopathy obviously did not set any bones here. However, homoeopathy did help everything around the bones move back into healthy position, and ultimately did speed healing for this patient. So in emergencies, after stitching, setting and suchlike, check out what homoeopathy can do to speed recovery.


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