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Seriously? You tried homoeopathy but…meh…



Meh?  What’s Meh?

Let’s hear it for Merriam-Webster’s free online dictionary!

(Merriam Webster gives the first known usage as 1994. Apparently Messrs. Merriam and Webster did not have Yiddish-speaking grandparents…)

1: not impressive : so-so <a meh documentary>
2: apathetic, indifferent <the movie left me feeling meh>

We homoeopaths look for symptoms in order to prescribe remedies. When we find clear symptom groupings, and there is nothing going on which may hinder treatment (ranging through a broad and varied list including conventional chronic meds which are no longer needed, abusive spouses and nightly carousing in the pub) – we can prescribe with high confidence in cure. But one symptom is virtually incurable. It’s the “Meh Symptom”.

In homoeopathy, the Meh symptom may be defined as follows:

The result of the following causations:

  • buying “something homoeopathic ” to lose weight, usually expensive, containing grapefruit extract, ginseng and another 43 ingredients. Which was pricey and didn’t work.
  • going to a homoeopath, shelling out lots of money, giving it a fair amount of time (two weeks – after all, the digestive complaints have only been going on for the last 35 years…and two weeks is plenty of time isn’t it?), but the magic didn’t happen.
  • buying Oscillo over the counter for flu. Which didn’t work. And of course… cost money.
  • buying “something homoeopathic” to prevent sickness in winter. Usually containing Echinacea and other stuff. Which…cost lots of money…and didn’t really work
  • going to a homoeopath who prescribed 47 drops from 10 bottles morning, afternoon, evening and more, roughly corresponding to the prayer times in a Trappist monastery, with more supplements, extracts and special foods which cost… a lot of money… a small fortune actually…which worked a little but who could keep that up?
  • going to a homoeopath and getting tiny pills and weird instructions which, obviously, are too weird, after all, everyone knows how to take medicines.. and didn’t work, how could those tiny pills make a difference…(this is the same causation as that for side effects from medications as a result of not reading the leaflet that comes with the medications – see Read Your Pills…and perhaps also relates to those who don’t know the size of the average human sperm cell…)

The only antidote to the MEH symptom is to sit up, breathe deeply, and repeat after me:

(I’ll let you off the bits in italics):

Extracts, supplements and vitamins are not homoeopathic treatment.
(Homoeopathy is an entire prescribing method with its own medicines, usually dispensed in drops or small pills. Extracts, supplements and vitamins are…well…not to put too fine a point on it…simply extracts, supplements and vitamins…)

Homoeopathy remedies are not expensive.
(This is something purveyors of conventional potions are actually not wild about. It’s traditional – non-homoeopathic pharmacies have been opposed to homoeopathy for at least 200 years for this reason. Here in Israel you can buy remedies for around $10-$20, and if you know how to use remedies in water, the supply could last you for many years.)

Homoeopathy does not work on an “off-the-peg” basis.
(Think of prescriptions as more “made-to-measure”. Because the treatment is individualized to the patient, it is rare (although it can happen) that something bought over the counter will help. This is especially true of combinations, where basically it’s like throwing a whole load of different colours of paint at a wall and seeing which one will stick.)

Homoeopathy is a healing process requiring commitment.
(Homoeopathy is not magic. Any illness is preceded by a disease process, sometimes fast – but sometimes very slow and insidious. Where the process has been fast, as in acute illness, homoeopathy may seem like magic, but where it has been slow, and you have been suffering from something for many years, the homoeopathic process may also take months or even years. I recommend at least three sessions to see if the healing process is being established.)

If you go to a homoeopath – follow instructions!
(Not to do so is many things, including a waste of the homoeopath’s time and your money.  But it is not “trying homoeopathy”.)  


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