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Seriously? Is homoeopathy dangerous? Heck yeah…

Live dangerously - make an appointment with your homoeopath today...

Live dangerously – make an appointment with your homoeopath today…

I mentioned to someone recently that I’m a homoeopath.  He said “really? But homoeopathy is dangerous, everyone knows that…….”


So it’s taking a while, but I’m gradually getting used to the dangerous woman image.   Getting used to conversations like:
– Hi, I’m Pete…
– Nice to meet you, I’m dangerous…

Vera D. Resnick-Weisz.  Maybe I’ll add it to my business card, and start wearing biking’s an interesting image, after all.   And those who know me personally – stop chortling or you’ll spill your tequila…

So back to the point – is homoeopathy dangerous?  Am I truly a dangerous woman?  Heck yeah…

Homoeopathy is very dangerous to sore throats.  To flu.  To coughs.  To stomach ailments.  To back-aches.  When homoeopathy treatment is around, they don’t stand much of a chance.  When a homoeopath is there, chronic ear-aches beware (oops, sliding into rap there, but it fits the image).

Homoeopathy is extremely dangerous to bumps and bruises. To broken bones that are healing slowly. To people who enjoy spending forever in casts and bandages…

Homoeopathy is extremely dangerous for those who want to stay ill and not go into work.  They will find themselves better much sooner than expected and that could lead to many undesirable consequences and complications… like having to get out of bed and do household chores…go into the office…that kinda thing…

Homoeopathy is extremely threatening for those who enjoy doing endless medical tests since the doctors aren’t sure what’s wrong with them…the more invasive the better…(something about all the ubiquitous metallic colour of the machinery used in so many tests, and the way some are so drawn to endless tests, suggests a whole new version of 50 shades of grey…but I digress…)

Getting it?

Live dangerously… make an appointment with your homoeopath today…



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