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Seriously? The Magic Medication Trance…

People like getting medicines.

It’s something I see often.  All you have to do is watch at the counter of any busy dispensing pharmacy.

Let us compare a pharmacy and a hamburger joint.  Just for the fun of it.

A surprisingly large number of people lining up at hamburger joints look as if they are fighting with their consciences but the big whopper with chips and a sugar/aspartame-laden fizzy drink has won the day.  They are going to do something unhealthy, dammit, it’s a free country.

At the pharmacy it’s a different story.  This is healthy, right?  And somehow, the prescriptions, boxes, deep discussions with the pharmacist, seem to give a certain prestige, a pharmaceutical “je ne sais quoi”… I’ve seen people discussing their medications with the same enthusiasm reserved in childhood for comparing Barbie dolls or football cards.  And there’s the one-upmanship involved – “You only have Thyroxine? For three years?  I’ll see your Thyroxine and raise you Methotrexate..for the rest of my life…duh…”

If the physician prescribed it means you’re being taken care of right?  You’re being shown some respect…

And then where do you keep them?  When do you take them?  Sometimes I see the bags from the pharmacy, overflowing with boxes and blister packs, taking pride of place as the kitchen table centerpiece, to be commented on by all coming and going.  Sometimes the actual pills are kept out of sight, but the pill-taking is done ceremoniously, often with the appropriately proudly martyred “no-body knows the trouble I’ve seen” expression.  And there is also the “in-your-face-pill-popper” who keeps them in his shirt pocket, demonstrating his membership of that particular tribe.   (and before anyone out there gets offended by these descriptions – I am entitled to write them because I have been there, and I have done that…)

Somehow everyone seems to have some idea that the fast-food place is not serving particularly healthy food, but they struggle with themselves and do it anyway.

I wish I saw at least the same signs of struggle at the pharmacy counter.  Whether people are picking up prescriptions for themselves or for their kids the same hushed reverence prevails.

The main difference between junk food and prescription meds?  The message about side effects from junk food is getting out there – but the message about side effects from prescription meds is not…

You’re going to the pharmacy to pick up Ritalin for your child.  Do you dare click on the following link, for Medline Plus, and read all the side effects of Methylphenidate (Ritalin’s much less user-friendly real name…)?  Medline Plus is a service offered by the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health.  It is not put up by a health-nut who is out to “get” the medical establishment.

Your kids are taking Ritalin.  So let’s see if you’re willing to overcome the hypnotism, and click on the link.

And I’ll see your Ritalin, and raise you all the many, many alternative options available.  And if one doesn’t work – try another and keep going.  Surely anything is better than what you read in the link… if you had the nerve to open the link… go on, I dare you…


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