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Seriously? Unnecessary invasive testing

invasiveEveryone is trying to avoid lawsuits these days.  And everyone is harmed by that.

Medical doctors have to follow protocols with their patients, recommending tests or procedures which may not be necessary, or at least not essential, to make sure they have been seen to offer appropriate treatment.

Once upon a time, patients would just hand their bodies over to their physicians – metaphorically speaking – and say “you decide.  You know better than I do what should be done.”

However, nowadays, when you’re sitting in your doctor’s surgery and looking at the person sitting on the other side of the desk – you are not just looking at your physician.  He or she is invisibly flanked by a veritable phalanx of lawyers, doctors further up the food chain, regulatory authorities, and more – not to mention Big Pharma which has stocked your doctor’s medicine cupboards very nicely thank you…

So it’s time for you to look in the mirror.  You’re responsible for your own body – and you’re the one who will bear the brunt of any discomfort – or in the worst case, damage – if your physician is prescribing to protocol, and not to you in your glorious individuality.

So take responsibility!  Ask the physician questions like:
Is this test really necessary?
Can I wait and try alternative treatment?  For how long?
Will it change the treatment plan?
And you can get personal!  Ask: Would you recommend this test for your spouse or children?

Take someone into the surgery with you, to make sure you don’t get confused or bamboozled and forget to ask the questions.  Prime them beforehand.

It can take more courage than you think you have to stand up for yourself within the system, but you have the rights and responsibility for your health. To borrow from Dylan Thomas:  Do not go quietly into the CT scan/colonoscopy/endoscopy/et. al!


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