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Whooping Cough: Conventional medical treatment

Since we’re in cough season, and there is a lot of lack of clarity regarding vaccination against and treatment of whooping cough, I’m reproducing an article here that was published in on the subject.  You can read the full text of the article here.

cough syrup bottleMainstream medical treatment of whooping cough is using antibiotics and “palliative” care.

First up…., it doesn’t work.  They know that…, I know that…, but they won’t tell you that, for the simple reason that… they have NOTHING else to offer you.

When you walk into your doctor’s office, the first thing they do- assuming they are even able to diagnose whooping cough correctly in the first place, is to rake you over the coals, if you’ve not vaccinated.

You will be told that, “Your child will be MORE infectious to other people and the symptoms far more serious”. Both of which are untrue, but who’s going to doubt the word of the doctor, other than those of us, who have been there done that, and proven them wrong?.

The second thing some parents experience, is being told that… “if they don’t use antibiotics their children will be much sicker”. Which is also a load of bollocks.  The reality is the opposite.  If you use antibiotics, you can just about guarantee your child WILL BE sicker.

Put simply, in terms of the infection process itself, antibiotics do not change the outcome of infection in any way, or make it better…. something confirmed by the 2007 Cochrane Review. However, it has been known since Trollfors 78, that antibiotics are useless. Tozzi 03 was one of many researchers who confirm that actually, antibiotics make whooping cough WORSE. Discussion of that is here.  While the medical profession talks about antibiotics making the infection less severe if you catch it very early, the real world reality is that because most of the carriers of whooping cough don’t know they have it, most often parents don’t know their children have it until about six week month AFTER they first contacted it:

Whooping cough is spread by carriers. The real world reality, is that most of the carriers of whooping cough don’t know they have it; most are asymptomatic (no symptoms) and most often parents don’t know their children have it until about four to six weeks AFTER they first contacted it:

Looking at the time frames, incubation is listed as 5 – 15 days . This is followed by an insignificant cold which lasts about a week, then goes away = 12 – 22 days.

After about a one week pause, = 19 – 31 days, the cough starts.

Most parents don’t get concerned until about two weeks into the cough, when it’s getting worse, and NOT going away.

So usually a parent doesn’t usually get the child to the doctor until around 33 – 45 days after initial contact.

If the mantra is that antibiotics only “work” to reduce severity within 3 weeks of contact, what parent is actually going to make it to the doctor in that time frame?

Because parents don’t usually know when or where a first contact was – or even the medically proven time frames above, they don’t know that diagnosis is usually made well after the three week period stated in the medical literature.

AFTER that time, the medical literature clearly shows that antibiotics made whooping cough worse, and prolong the duration.


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