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When the turtle is wearing roller skates

Homoeopathy – and speed

turtleFor some reason there’s a belief out there that homoeopathy works v-e-e-e-r-r-r-y slowly.  That it wins the race only when the hare gets distracted.

Not so, my friends!  Have cheer!  (brief Shakespearean moment there…)

Let me tell you about a case I worked on soon after I qualified (and discovered sadly that four years of study lead to a firm qualification in homoeopathic guesswork ).  I am not reporting this case to demonstrate my brilliance as a homoeopath (which as you will see was not the case).  But what I saw in this case is definitely one of the reasons I am still a homoeopath today.

A relative slipped and fell, hurting his shoulder badly.  I treated with Arnica immediately after the fall and for the following 24 hours, but it didn’t seem to help much.  I tried a succession of other remedies, nada.  The relative went to the emergency room and was x-rayed.  He was told that small shards of bone seem to have sheared off and were partying in the shoulder socket – but they weren’t too sure about that.  He was told that within about six months he should get some mobility back in the arm, but it was possible that it could take even longer.  They gave him Arcoxia, didn’t give him a sling for his arm and sent him home.

He called shortly after, almost crying with pain.  After taking the Arcoxia, he’d gotten an unbearable headache.  He asked again if I could try to help with homoeopathy.   I looked at the symptoms  and gave one more remedy – by that time I’d come to the conclusion that perhaps I’d wasted the previous four years…

I was truly amazed and delighted by the results – it made me appreciate why Hahnemann was so protective of homoeopathy and so aggressive towards those who changed and mistaught the method.

This man had been unable to straighten his arm.  He sat, or stood, with his right shoulder hunched up, supporting the arm in a bent position with his other hand.  His right hand was curled into a fist held towards the body – either from the pain or because he could not release it.

Literally within 20 seconds of taking the first dose, he was able to open his right hand.  Within half an hour to an hour of treatment, he was able to release his right arm.  Over the next three days, he regained 90% mobility and use of his right shoulder, arm and hand, although there was still some pain.

I repeated the remedy over the following month, during which the pain disappeared.  Some technical details for the homeopaths/students amongst you – I gave the remedy in 30C, using water dosing.   If anyone wants to guess the remedy feel free – I’ve deliberately left it out.

Interestingly – around the same time, a woman working in a nearby shop slipped and fell, hurting her shoulder badly.  Her diagnosis was similar to that of my relative.  She is a musician and this injury came just after she’d set up a series of concerts.  She was not interested in trying any kind of alternative treatment.  It took her six months of intensive physiotherapy to get back some mobility, even longer to get back to performing again.

I’ve seen other cases of very fast response to remedies since that time, but this stands out in my mind.   Sometimes the turtle wins the race because he’s really wearing roller skates.


6 comments on “When the turtle is wearing roller skates

  1. Dhrubajyoti Das
    January 15, 2013

    Doctor, you told in the article: “If anyone wants to guess the remedy feel free – I’ve deliberately left it out.”.Was it Hypericum 30C?

    • Vera Resnick
      January 15, 2013

      Thank you – nice try but – nope. And this was before I limited myself more or less to Boenninghausen’s remedies. I think Hypericum was one of the remedies I tried which did not help.

  2. Dhrubajyoti Das
    January 15, 2013

    Thanks a lot for your prompt reply, though my assumption was incorrect in the instant case.

  3. Becky G
    January 16, 2013

    The symptoms seem to indicate calc.

    • Vera Resnick
      January 21, 2013

      Calc was in the picture, but the remedy here was Ruta!

  4. linleejordan
    January 17, 2013

    Reblogged this on Linlee Jordan and commented:
    Sometimes homeopathy works fast and sometimes a few remedies are given before finding one that finishes off the treatment…’s a delightful tale of an injured shoulder……..

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