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If you believe in Big Pharma, clap your hands

feverWell, well, well, have the establishment finally realized what has been known for centuries, probably even millenia?

If you believe in creation – then the human body is an example of magnificent purpose and task-oriented engineering.

If you believe in evolution – then the human body is an example of magnificent engineering with the best possible adaptations to the challenges of the environment it faces.

If you believe in Big Pharma – the human body and psyche cannot handle any challenges, physical or emotional, without popping a pill, being injected, vaccinated and super-vitamined, as it is totally inept and ill-equipped for the environment of this world.

But finally – oh bliss, oh joy – the Daily Mail in the UK has caught on.  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.  Will it reach the Times, I wonder… or whatever’s considered considered highbrow in the UK today…and I really don’t know whether to laugh or to cry…

The Daily Mail trumpets the new discovery of the century (just think, if it weren’t in big letters, it just wouldn’t be convincing…).

Fever can be a child’s friend’: New research claims a high temperature could actually help children get better

  • Experts claim tackling a fever prematurely can slow down recovery
  • High temperatures ‘force children to slow down, rest and sleep more – all vital in recovering’
I suspect that the thermometer manufacturers, not to mention some professional pill pushers, will be cancelling their subscriptions…
I recommend reading the full text of the article here.  There’s also a video with what seems to be good fever advice.

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