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Homeopathic Remedies? No such thing…


Cholent – the ultimate in gastronomic abuse…

There is no such thing as a homeopathic remedy.  No such thing.

There are only remedies that are homoeopathic to the case.  That can be employed according to the law of similars.

The information needed to make use of substances as remedies can only be ascertained through provings.
The information about the case can only be ascertained through effective case-taking.

The homeopathic marriage of the remedy to the case can only be done when you have this information.  But on a happy note – the information from the patient about his case, and the information from the proving about the remedy are relatively easy to obtain.  It’s when modern homoeopaths and students try, so hard, to evaluate the psychological profile of the patient, understand what makes him tick, understand why it seems that his grandmother abused him gastronomically, his father abused him verbally, and his kids abuse him financially.

Isn’t it easier just to ask what hurts? When does it hurt? When does it feel better? What helps? Did anything cause it?  Has your mood changed at all from your usual? Has anything else changed since you started feeling unwell?  Isn’t it easier – and let’s face it, more likely to be truthful and therefore useful – to ask the simple questions?  These questions are such that you may find answers in provings.  Emotional history quizzes to your patients will not lead you to provings.  They will lead you to material medica that are not provings based, intuitive, meditative material medica.  These sources, while often seductively interesting in their own way, cannot give you what you need to prescribe – basic information about what a remedy can do.  What a remedy can cause in a healthy human being.  What a remedy, as demonstrated by the Law of Similars, can heal in a sick human being.

So I return to my point – and emphasize it.  There is no such thing as a homoeopathic remedy.  There is only a remedy that is homoeopathic to the case.  But in order to know if the remedy is homoeopathic to the case, you need to know what the remedy can do, and what the disease picture is made up of.  And only then can you really see the marvels of homoeopathic prescribing.


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