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Pediatricians approve mercury in vaccinations


milk with paint thinner – poisonous but so good for you…not…

Should Thimerosal be kept in vaccines?  To remind those of you who are more trusting of the system and don’t LOOK THINGS UP, thimerosal is a mercury-based preservative used in vaccines.  At present it is also the subject of a proposed ban currently being drafted within the UN Environment program (UNEP).

Well, say the pediatricians, of all people, custodians of our childrens’ health… well… it keeps vaccines cheaper.  And…it would complicate existing manufacture of vaccines… And… even though our children are constantly exposed to proven neurotoxic side effects, it would keep them all fully immunized, albeit potentially autistic or worse… and that’s a good thing, right?

Let’s look at an analogy.  Let’s say it’s been found that paint thinner has been found to be a really cheap way to preserve milk without harming the taste (far fetched, but bear with me here…), and someone somewhere has decided that society cannot move forward without easy and cheap access to milk, which everyone knows is good for you… so what if it contains a little poison?  Even though the potential harm ranges from discomfort through to brain damage all the way to death?

And everyone knows vaccines are good for you right?  Everyone knows the long-term studies and slow process of approval the vaccines go through, right? Everyone knows that if our children are harmed by vaccines we can no longer sue the companies involved – right?

Oh, you didn’t know.  Be informed.

You can read the full text of the thimerosal article here.


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