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The Strep Cycle Story – 2 of 2

This post is a follow on from my previous post on the strep cycle.  So if you haven’t read that one you’ll just have to go back and read it.  If you like.

The strep cycle – really any disease cycle in kids and families – is very real.  Those who have children, especially small children, are all too familiar with the scenario.  You start getting the kids out in the morning, you have your day planned out, and you take one look at one (or more) of the kids and know that today your life is not your own.  At all.

If you’re new to it with your first child you can be completely thrown.  If you’re used to it, you put your partner, babysitter etc. on alert, you call your work and apologize for not being able to complete the project you promised to have ready for that day, all the time wondering if they will ever be able to take you seriously/promote you/give you that long awaited raise in salary.  Then wondering if you are a totally heartless parent because you’re not ecstatic about sacrificing your existence to your child’s recurring ear infections/colic/etc..

I’ve been there – in my pre-homoeopathy days.  That’s why I know it so well.  The broken nights.  The worry.  The days running to the doctor, and then back to the doctor, then to the pharmacy, then back… and the niggling feeling and questioning that if I’m doing everything right, pouring medicines down my baby’s throat as ordered by the doctor, taking her for checkups, giving her preventive antibiotics, vaccinations as instructed – then why is she constantly sick?  Why does the ear infection/cough/eye infection etc. recur when we haven’t even finished the antibiotics for the previous one?

The thing is, we are a miracle of creation/intelligent design/random brilliant engineering.  However you see it.  Our bodies have built-in mechanisms to fight disease.  The body can overcome many illnesses on its own, without intervention.  It just might take longer, and some disease elements may weaken the immune system, reducing its effectiveness for next time.  So ideally, the form of treatment that makes most sense is one that strengthens the system’s natural abilities, allowing it to be safely challenged and therefore making it stronger every time it is challenged.  Just as a muscle needs to be challenged and to overcome that challenge in order to become stronger.

Conventional medicine does not work with the immune system, as a rule.  The medicines impress their own function on the body, forcing change in the body’s internal environment.  So nothing is learned, the immune system gains nothing, but the crisis passes or is avoided altogether.  There is a time and situation where this form of treatment may be essential – where there is a life or death situation and the body’s internal disease fighting mechanisms are not strong enough or have collapsed altogether.  But let’s face it – we’re talking about something different here.  And the objective of treating the more minor illnesses in a way that strengthens the organism, beyond getting the child well, is to strengthen the immune system so that when a greater challenge comes along it will be able to cope.

I impress on my patients, especially those with small children, the importance of achieving cure through stimulation of the body’s natural systems.  Every illness that is can be overcome using homoeopathy  strengthens the organism.   And with children it’s particularly noticeable.

Each ear infection that passes without antibiotics, passes of more easily than the one before, until the problem ceases altogether.  Every sore throat, every case of colic, every case of cold or flu.  The more we strengthen the body’s “immunity muscle” by allowing it to be challenged and strengthening it through that challenge, guiding the through appropriate homoeopathic remedies, the stronger that “immunity muscle” gets.

Perhaps the most frustrating part, for me, of becoming a homoeopath was the awareness that so much of the panic, worry, sleepless nights, never being able to give firm acceptance to invitations, never being able to book tickets for anything in advance, so much of that could have been avoided with good homoeopathic treatment.


One comment on “The Strep Cycle Story – 2 of 2

  1. Dena Gottlieb
    January 3, 2013

    I am currently going through the “strep cycle” – it appears to have attacked our whole family, some of us twice. At my latest visit to my GP, who happens to have alot of knowledge and a very open mind, he admitted to me that conventional medicine has nothing to offer for strengthening the immune system. Only pills to help what ails you. He definitely encouraged me to seek other (alternative) options for a stronger immune system.

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