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ADD/ADHD – back to school

Well, now that school has started back for real after the festivals – guess what?  the pressure on the parents is back too!

Before you rush to medicate your child as a result of the teacher threatening to fail you in Parenting Skills 101, please remember the following:

*  the school has its own agenda, which may not have all that much to do with their deep and abiding love (not) for your child

*  the school has to show that students make good grades, otherwise it reflects badly on the educational institution.  They will push anything they feel may improve grades, drugging included.  Note: this does not usually include changing the teachers…

* a certain form of intelligence is required to study in school, pass exams, get good grades, deal with the social (or anti-social) environment in school.  The mistake is in assuming that a child who does not possess this intelligence in cartloads is thick.  (a.k.a. “stupid” but that expression would be politically incorrect now, wouldn’t it).  Contrary to public brainwashing – your child’s performance in school is not a demonstration of his/her intelligence or lack thereof.   And you, as a parent, deep down in your unsullied heart of hearts, know if your child is bright or not, whatever the teacher says.

So as the school year deepens, to quote Wednesday Addams (with some changes): “Be aware… be very aware…”


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