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Homoeopathy and ADD/ADHD – part 4: what can homoeopathy do about it

So your child has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.  What can homoeopathy do for you?

The question is not as straightforward as it seems, because every condition is different.  Every child is different.  Every situation is different.

The thing to look at first – as with every situation where something seems wrong – is to examine whether there is a logical reason for the child to be inattentive or playing up.

Some children are in a repressive school (or home) environment that does not suit them.  Some children are physically very “antsy” and aren’t getting any exercise.  Some kids are emotionally angry and aren’t able or aren’t allowed to express their anger – it’s amazing what a drum set (and a soundproofed room) will do for them.

Sometimes the teacher is no good, or teaches in a way the child cannot relate to.  Sometimes the classroom is stuffy, insufficiently ventilated, with too many students.  Sometimes the child simply needs glasses.  Isn’t getting enough sleep.

There is a well-known and well-documented tendency to reach for the pill rather than go through the process.  Difficult though it may be for the parent, sometimes a kid needs to go through a process of rebellion and separation.  Before reaching for any kind of medication, conventional or alternative, it’s important to take a long hard look at the situation and see where there is a logical reason that should be dealt with.

Once these things are clarified, remedies that are homoeopathic to the specific case can definitely be of help.  But they will deal with the specific make-up of the patient, whether it’s inattention together with sleep problems, hyperactivity and muscle cramps, and more.  You should be aware that when you take your child to a homoeopath for school-related issues, the homoeopath will be examining your child’s entire health picture and treating accordingly.


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