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well is it homeopathic?

Well, is it homoeopathic?  Or “homeopathic” if you don’t like dipthongs?

Actually, probably not.

People are starting to avoid me.  In some cases, I must admit it makes for a more peaceful life!  I think it’s the way I produce my soapbox as soon as they say “I took something homeopathic-”

After I became a homeopath several centuries ago (feels like it…!), friends, acquaintances and people I had no idea I knew would come up to me and:

a.  complain about a homeopath who treated them with needles and it didn’t help (we don’t use needles)

b.  complain about a homeopathic medicine with chinese herbs, bach flower remedies and a mystical blessing thrown in that didn’t work (we don’t use chinese herbs, bach flower remedies and mystical blessings in homeopathy, although the occasional expletive deleted does slip out)

c.  complain about an over-the-counter homeopathic cream that they were prescribed that (wait for it) didn’t work (sad to say – they usually don’t)

And I give them the lecture I am about to give you.

There is no such thing as a homeopathic medicine.  There is no such thing as a homeopathic dilution.  There is no such thing as a homeopathic remedy.

What there is, is a homeopathic prescription.  A prescription of a remedy, usually prepared as a highly dilute substance, which is homeopathic to the illness.

Homeopathy is based on an observed law of nature, on the level of the tried and true “what goes up must come down”.  This is the law of cure by similars.  If a substance can cause symptoms similar to disease symptoms, unless something is getting in the way and unless the dose is given inappropriately, it will cure that disease.  It’s a default of nature.   And just as gravity, the principle behind the what-goes-up-must-come-down law, is not fully understood, the principle behind the law of “like cures like” is not fully understood.

So – whether you accept the validity of homeopathy or not, and that’s really up to you, unless you received a prescription from a well trained homeopath who gave you a remedy that is homeopathic to your symptoms – you have not taken anything homeopathic.

OK, I’m getting off my soapbox now…


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