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Homoeopathy and ADD/ADHD – part 3: myths about conventional drugging

First, some clarification:

ADD stands for “Attention Deficit Disorder”

ADHD stands for “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”

I have seen parents under pressure – or pressuring each other – to reach for the Ritalin in the following cases:

1.  The child is solitary and doesn’t make friends easily

2.  The child is over-exuberant, hugging other kids in the playground

3.  The child doesn’t want to get dressed in the morning

4.  The child wants to jump and play instead of doing homework

5.  The child doesn’t play nicely

6.  The child hits his siblings

7.  The child doesn’t do what his/her parents say

Well – it seems that a fantasy world is forming out there, which is becoming the standard for how things “should be”.  A fantasy world so bizarre that it allows a psychologist, a professional person, to say disparagingly to a friend of mine who had brought her child for help “well, I don’t have those problems with my children!”

In this fantasy world, children always listen to their parents.  They are always prompt in getting ready for school in the morning.  They sit still in the classroom for hours on end, listening to the most mediocre of teachers with rapt attention.  They play nicely in the playground and never scream, run, or hit each other.  They certainly never show affection.  And they are all friendly and pleasant, to the teachers, parents and to each other.

I dunno.  Sounds more like a Victorian ballroom to me.  Or one of those scary futuristic sci-fi movies where the kids have been drugg-…., oops…

Occasionally this makes me feel very lonely.  All alone in the real world, where parenting is far from straight sailing and earplugs come in handy, teaching children is challenging, children are noisy, boisterous, passionate, emotional, and physical dynamos.  And some kids – just like some adults – are just not very nice people…

Hallo?…..  Is anyone else here?………….


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