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Homoeopathy and ADD/ADHD – part 2: the older parent

Before drugging a child – be honest.  This is especially true for older parents of small children, but always hard to do.

The Look

The system tells you that your child needs drugging.  The school teacher, other parents, anyone who has to look after your child or teach him or her anything gives you “The Look”.  The “everyone-sees-this-and-is-cross-with-you-for-not-doing-anything-about-it” Look.  And the pressure is on.  After the initial approach, which might be hesitant and cautious, the pressure to drug your child will increase to pressure-cooker levels.  And please be aware, the pressure to drug will come from those who are not qualified or permitted to prescribe.

Before you consider drugging, you need to look at your situation and family dynamic and to review your expectations of your child.  All too often, older parents of young children have unrealistic expectations.  Young children tend to bounce.  They can bounce up and down, they can bounce off the walls and they can bounce off your nerves.  Sitting still is unusual for a young child, it’s far from the norm.  But somehow because we have perhaps less than normal parenting energy (and I speak as an older parent of a young child), we think our child is exhibiting way more energy than a “normal” child – and as parents will be much more susceptible to pressure placed by the system.

This is especially true if the unfortunate young child has cherubic, angelic, perfectly behaved older siblings.  I’ve seen older parents label their young, bouncy offspring as stupid, slow, and then fail to understand why their children are winning academic prizes at school.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that the more qualified, intelligent, and talented the older parent is – the less they trust their gut feelings regarding their young offspring.  The more likely they are to abandon their innate common sense and accept the teacher’s insistence that Ritalin will help their child play more happily in recess.

So before drugging a child – do the work.  Examine your expectations and family dynamic.  Look at whether your child has simply had the misfortune to have a really bad teacher that year, or to land in a really bad class.


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