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Do you willingly accept the blindfold?

Who makes the health decisions for you and your family.  It should be you, right?  It’s your body, your family, ultimately your responsibility.  And guess who gets hurt as a result of poor health choices?  You.  Your family.

In general it’s a problem when the people making a decision are removed from the impact of that decision.  Where you live – affects you.  Where you or your children study or work – affects you.  The religion you choose, the books you read, the food you put into your body – affects you.

So why, as a society, are we relinquishing medical freedom of choice to others?  Why, when medical issues are pushed at us, for us or our children, do we willingly accept the blindfold?

Do you know who is the major prescriber of ritalin or similar drugs in most countries in the world?  A group of people who are not allowed to prescribe drugs.  School teachers.  They pressure the parents, holding out the carrot and stick.  In some cases parents are told that if their children are not medicated they will not be allowed into school.  And it’s made clear to parents that they will bask in the golden glow of the school’s approval and cooperation once the deed is done.

Do you know who determines, ultimately, whether the system will insist on vaccinating your child and with what?  Again, a group of people who are not allowed to prescribe drugs.  Beaurocrats, money people, granted with some input from the medical industry, but often with an all too strong kickback link to the Big Pharma pharmaceutical empire.  And certainly in America, perhaps already here, you no longer have recourse and cannot sue if an insufficiently tested vaccine causes problems.  The system’s “executive arm” these days regarding vaccinations is composed of another two groups – who, surprisingly enough, are not allowed to prescribe drugs.  The schools – which are increasingly placing sanctions on unvaccinated kids – and the parents of vaccinated kids who argue vociferously about issues where they clearly have not read and understood why anyone would possibly oppose this step.  As a parent of a child who experienced near-permanent damage from vaccination as a newborn, this one hits home for me.  The choice was fraught but ultimately a no-brainer: to deliberately allow my child to be injected with substances that harmed her dramatically in the past in order to bask in the golden glow of peer approval, or to risk the vilification and dire warnings in order to protect my child from the very system that is supposed to be doing that job.

In our global, and increasingly in our local society we seem to be making the choice to ignore our personal problems and issues.  Rather than face matters, deal with them and learn and grow as human beings – we accept the blindfolds of ignorance and medicate with anti-depressants which are often addictive and do not help.  We let the marketers make our decisions (another group which is not allowed to prescribe drugs).   We allow psychologists to recommend and psychiatrists to prescribe drugs without taking the side effects seriously.  “Oh, they just write all their stuff in the leaflet to cover themselves,” people say, but the side effects happen.  And they are nasty.

Do you willingly accept the blindfold?


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