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A word to the MD’s amongst you…

Please don’t be offended… really… I come in peace… BUT – I’m about to be extremely blunt.  If you are sensitive, please cover your eyes, don’t read this, or have someone read it to you gently, in peaceful, conciliatory tones…

With all due respect to your many years of study of conventional medicine, which definitely give you an advantage in terms of understanding causes and directions of pathology – if you have not studied homoeopathy intensively, with good teachers, you don’t have any idea how to prescribe or manage cases with homoeopathy.

You don’t understand when to take or stop taking a remedy

You don’t understand how to manage a case

You don’t understand the ramifications of single doses versus over-the-counter combinations.

And most importantly – you have no idea or understanding of the harm you may do through wrong prescribing.

So first of all – if you are a conventionally trained MD and not a homoeopath, or even if you have a homoeopathy diploma which you received  after a minimal, 12-hour course (which would have to have been with a superb teacher  to be of any use whatsoever), DON’T PRESCRIBE HOMOEOPATHY.

A student once came to me complaining of headaches.  She told me her GP had recommended that she take an over-the-counter combination remedy put out by a leading remedy supplier for symptoms of menopause.  Lachesis was one of the remedies.  The headaches she was experiencing, which she had never had before, were the result of repeated dosing with this combo, which contained Lachesis.  The GP should not have prescribed outside his training.

And another thing – your homoeopath may not be an MD, but he or she definitely knows more about homoeopathy than you do.  If you choose homoeopathy treatment for what ails you – don’t think you can take over the case yourself, and self-medicate.   Information and clear follow-up are crucial for homoeopathy to yield the excellent results it is capable of.  This form of stop-start treatment will prevent cure – and homoeopathy, rather than conventional medical ego, will take the blame.


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