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Homoeopathy and Mosquito Bites!

It’s that time of year.  You hear the whine as mosquitoes carpet bomb your body, and you know you and your kids are going to be covered in bites by morning.  Then comes the itching, pain, soreness and sometimes worse.

The first resource is always – common sense.  Screens on the windows.  Sleeping under a thin sheet in hot weather to minimize exposure.  Basics.  But sometimes screens aren’t a possibility, the kids won’t keep a sheet on, and you’re faced with something that looks like the red peril come morning.

Here we need to differentiate between different kinds of “mosquito bite situations”.

Do-It-Yourself treatment:  This is best in cases of small bites which raise a little red lump on the bite site.  They are itchy and annoying but you know they will ease up within a day or two.  Here I’d keep the treatment external.  Oddly enough, one good solution – especially for small kids as they can apply it themselves without constantly asking you – is liquid soap.  A little of the liquid soap placed directly on the bite and allowed to dry can help alleviate the itching.  Another option is essential oil of lavender.  Get a good brand (usually price is an indicator here, good quality oils do cost more), mix 10 drops in 10 ml of any vegetable oil, and apply 2-3 drops to the bite site four times a day.

See your homoeopath:  There are two kinds of mosquito situations where this is what I’d recommend.

a.  Where the bite site becomes unusually enlarged, inflamed, not your regular two-day event.  This is an acute situation.  You need to have the bite checked out with your doctor, as it is very possible that it wasn’t a mosquito and you may even be sent for blood tests.  Once you’ve verified the initial diagnosis, you may want to look into treatment with homeopathy for the bite.  I would especially recommend homoeopathy here if the acute situation has happened before.  Don’t self-medicate!  (check out my Do’s and Dont’s page to read my comments on this).

b.  Where you always have a reaction to mosquito bites.  This is a chronic situation, and reactions can include localised rashes, large unsightly bumps or wheals on the bite site, or even to the extent of fever and general malaise.  When you go to a conventional doctor with this kind of situation, usually the response ranges from antihistamines to cortizone creams or even injection.  Go to your homeopath and see what homoeopathy can do for you.


2 comments on “Homoeopathy and Mosquito Bites!

  1. Heidi Street
    August 4, 2012

    I’ve got bites all over my legs, so I’ll give the soap a try 🙂

  2. B.K.Khurana
    October 23, 2012

    Calendula Q applied to the place where mosquitoes bikes soothes the area instantly and it is antiseptic. Try.

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